The Joy of The Farm
The Joy of The Farm

The Joy of The Farm

Hi, I am Kaelyn, Daughter of Dan and Amanda Sonnenburg, the Farm owners! The farm was bought in 2020 and we immediately started adding stuff to the property! I love the farm!

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The farm has 6 varieties of raspberries and around 100 new plants added each year! We have 2 rows of asparagus and a quarter of an acer of pumpkins. We counted over 500 pumpkins, and the largest Jack-o-lantern is 30lbs! Me, my dad, and my brother built an awesome bridge together, it was so fun. I love all the trails in the woods, they’re so fun to hike on and, in the future, they will be open to the public! It is so fun to explore the farm. A couple of times we have caught tadpoles in the creek! Right now, the creek bed is all dried up because of the drought. 🙁 We have 500ft of flower beds! The flowers we have are sunflowers, zinnias, yarrow, salvia, bee balm, and dahlias! My mom sells bouquets of flowers of all different flower arrangements for you to choose!

I find my happy place on the farm in the peaceful meadows and quiet forests.

At the pumpkin patch you all can enjoy picking your own pumpkins, and when the seasons’ right, raspberries will also be up for the picking! I enjoy picking, harvesting, and planting the pumpkins, raspberries, and flower with my mom! But most of all I love my parent’s passion for starting Suncastle Farms, a family business we all can do together!

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